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About This Course

This short course will enable you to apply a rigorous framework to the process of investment manager selection for both traditional and alternative investments.

This course addresses important topics in investment manager selection.

We commence with a framework that introduces and describes the important elements of the manager selection process.

The second reading explores important principles of investment manager selection including distinctive due diligence concerns for investment managers of traditional and alternative investments, the manager interview process, considerations in forming a portfolio of managers, and manager monitoring and continuance.

The third reading in the sequence illustrates many of these principles via a series of case studies.

The fourth reading takes a generally quantitative approach to determining allocations to passive and active managers.

The final reading in this course examines various foundational issues inmanager selection, arguing the importance of using measures of active return and active risk purged of any systematic risk influences. The reading also describes considerations in constructing an optimal portfolio of managers.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to apply a framework for selecting investment managers
  • Typical due diligence concerns for managers of traditional and alternative investments
  • How to conduct manager interviews and ongoing monitoring
  • The proper application of active return and risk measures in manager selection

Skills Gained

Implement due diligence on managers, anticipating questions and challenge from asset owners.

Topics Covered

  • Active Management
  • Multi-Asset Strategies
  • Passive Management
  • Portfolio Optimization & Rebalancing
  • Private Wealth Management


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