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About This Course

This short course covers the techniques of performance evaluation fund sponsors use to assess investment results relative to investment objectives, to determine the sources of returns, and to evaluate the performance of investment managers. It also covers techniques investment managers use to assess the effectiveness of their research and decision-making processes as well as data integrity, governance, and other related data issues.

What You’ll Learn

  • The role of performance evaluation in the overall investment management process
  • The major components of investment performance evaluation
  • The scope of the performance evaluation process and its major activities
  • Rate-of-return measurement as the foundation of performance analysis
  • Data integrity, data governance best practices, and common sources of data errors

Skills Gained

  • Accurately evaluate investment portfolio performance
  • Calculate investment returns
  • Assess data integrity and governance

Topics Covered

  • Return Analysis & Performance Measurement
  • Financial Reporting & Accounting


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